About Maxon

Since their humble beginnings as a guitar pickup manufacturer in 1966, Maxon Pedals has consistently supplied musicians with the ultimate tools of the tone trade.

Highly respected for their engineering prowess, Maxon Pedals has designed and manufactured some of the most famous guitar accessories of our time, including the original Maxon OD808 overdrive circuit (that went on to become the legendary TS808 TubeScreamer) as well as other classics such as the JL-70 Jetlyzer, AD80 Analog Delay, and the FP-777 Flying Pan.

Never satisfied with resting on their laurels, Maxon Pedals is constantly striving to raise the bar for analog circuit designs.  Their newly reissued Nine Series models boast the time-tested chassis that they invented in the 80's encasing advanced circuits that feature true bypass switching and charge pumps to regulate and amplify voltages for maximum performance.

When you've moved beyond digital copies and are tired of wading through all the boutique hype, then you're ready to step up to Maxon “ the company who started it all.

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