Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Spaceman Effects Mercury IV Demo

The Mercury IV is a dynamic tone enhancer, created to bring out additional harmonic character from instruments and amplifiers.  The pedal features a unique, discrete analog circuit, with a meticulously selected vintage germanium transistor at its heart.

The Boost control of the Mercury IV offers a staggering 35 dB of gain, with nine (9) tone-shaping options via two toggle switches, to gently or aggressively boost tube amplifiers.  The real magic however, resides in the Harmonics control; bringing more dimension and life to ones’ tone.  Subtle sparkle, complex textures, and octave-like overtones can all be found here.  With a sound and response like hot tubes on the edge of breakup, these even-order harmonics are independently generated, giving you full control over the mix.

With help from 5 time grammy nominated producer/engineer, Paul Moak we captured some great tones from the Mercury IV. We were able to capture just a little of what this pedal is capable of with a Telecaster, Les Paul, Fender P-Bass and Mellotron.

You can currently find them at retailers but the Mercury IV is disappearing fast due to the demand of getting to own something similar to the now elusive Mercury III.



Posted on 03/13/2018 12:36 PM by Elevation Boutiques
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