Tuesday, 31 October 2017
Spaceman Effects Explorer Deluxe 6 Stage Optical Phaser Demo

Elevation Boutiques had the privilege of teaming up with Nashville based song writer, producer and engineer Paul Moak at his studio, The Smoakstack to demo the new Explorer Deluxe 6 Stage Optical Phaser by Spaceman Effects! The Explorer Deluxe Phaser is an amazing and versatile pedal! Listen as we go through classic lush phase tones all the way to crazy vibrato/leslie type sounds. This is Spaceman Effects first pedal to feature expression! You'll hear how we set the pedal to manual with the expression plugged in creating some pretty rad wah phase sounds! 

Lastly, this demo will feature The Explorer Deluxe Phaser along with Spaceman's Titan II Fuzz Machine. While some my argue the fuzz should have been set up first in the chain we felt putting the phaser first was best for the video's sake. When you get your Explorer feel free to Explore  your own pedalboard path!

You will find limited versions of the Explorer Phaser at your local Spaceman Effects dealer.

Check out the details of the Explorer Deluxe!


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Posted on 10/31/2017 1:42 PM by Elevation Boutiques
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