Date: 23/06/2024
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A brief history of Maxon

You may or may not know the long history of Maxon pedals but the story just goes to show that quality built effects stand the test of time.

Nearly 50 years ago a Japanese company called Nisshin Onpa started building guitar pick-ups. Nisshin Onpa also did OEM work for several brands and their biggest and most important client was Ibanez. After using run-of-the-mill mass produced audio IC's Nisshin Onpa started using the double OP amp in their overdrive pedals producing the now famous Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer.

Maxon started selling the OD-808 along with the Ibanez TS-808 with huge success and continued building the entire line of Ibanez pedals from 1974-2002 including the Ibanez Nine Series. When the companies ended their partnership Ibanez began focusing on cloning vintage circuits while Maxon created their own line of pedals. 

The Ibanez Nine Series still lives under the Maxon brand with higher quality components and in general are better than the Ibanez originals. 

So if you ever open up a vintage Ibanez TS-808 and see the name Maxon on the circuit board now you know why. Ibanez still makes the 808s using different circuitry than the originals leaving many players to suggest a big tone loss. I would stick with the Maxon OD-808 or OD-9 or just go find the vintage originals. 

We are thrilled to be working with Maxon through Godlyke Inc. Maxon Pedals are sold by our good friends at Chicago Music Exchange.

For more info on Maxon or to become a dealer email us at

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