Date: 23/02/2024
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New Yellowcake - Fried Gold Overdrive

Yellowcake Fried Gold

You know Yellowcake for the spitty fuzz called the Furry Burrito  and now they have something new! 

The Fried Gold is a straight forward overdrive that goes from mild, to approaching that blown out territory of almost fuzz-ish sound. Designed to compliment the front end tube amp, while capabable of mixing wonderfully with the dirty channel to get that extra punch and grit.

Tint - A subtile tone control that adds some extra glass
Gain - Adjusts from a mild overdrive to a blown out fuzz-ish territory sound.
Level - Total output volume.
Power - 9v Battery or 2.1mm negative center 9vdc adapter.
Current Draw - Approx. 8.8 mA
Aluminum Enclosure - Powdercoated and UV printed.

All pedals are hand-wired in the USA.

Click here for more in on The Fried Gold
Click here to see The Furry Burrito

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