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Elevation Boutiques offers four valuable services to manufacturers allowing the companies we rep to focus on building a superior product. We can be the liaison between the manufacturer and the retailer. We sell  products by building and maintaining relationships with retailers that fall in line with the needs of each unique company we rep. We help market different brands through blogging and social media. Our website becomes an additional tool for retailers, supplying them with information they may need to secure sales. Rep services work strictly on a commission basis and terms may vary. To discuss this service in full please email

MAP Patrol

Elevation Boutiques also offers a unique service we call MAP Patrol.  The pedal industry has dramatically changed in the past 2-3 years with one of the most prominent issues being MAP and discounting tactics. Far too often manufacturers are getting caught between dealer discount wars. The discounting practices often result in fractured dealer relationships, constant dealer tattle-tailing, and ultimately a consumer market that falsely expects instant price matching and discounts all-the-time for anything they buy.  As this market has grown, this has become more of a strain and cost in many ways internally and externally. MAP Patrol will help ensure the longevity of your brand and the value of your product as well as the jobs of your employees. If you want to join others and be one of the growing number of manufacturers making a statement in this industry about the ongoing discounting tactics and dealer wars patroling MAP needs to happen. We offer this service to give you more time as a builder to focus on just that, building a great product.

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We have worked for years alongside gear manufacturers to increase their sales and create brand recognition. 
We have been successful in these areas by offering sound advice through strategic planning and brand assessment. We understand that each company that we work with is in a different stage of development that may not require rep services or MAP patrol services, but there may be questions in mind as to how to get to the next level. We would love to set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities through our consulting service.

Demo Videos

Elevation Boutiques now offers high quality demo videos. We focus on the product and let it inspire the direction of each video we produce. This makes for an honest and insightful review of the product.
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